Wednesday, January 2, 2008

About me
My name is Carol and I am originally from the Chicago suburbs-Joliet, IL. I now live in Tucson with my daughter and my family. I have always had an interest in creating things. I can remember making wreaths and other wall decorations as a teenager. I also made macrame plant hangers that I learned how to make in Home Ec in junior high. A few years ago, I made hair barrettes from beads and safety pins. I enjoy cooking and baking as well. I am 6 credits from graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts that I can't really do anything with. No experience=no job. Right now I am conteplating as to what to do with school. I may switch majors or I may try to make a living with my crafts. I hate the bs that comes with jobs and little satisfaction or appreciation for my work.
I have two shops on, one for jewelry making supplies and one for my crafts, mostly jewelry, keychains, magnets and cell phone charms. I also make beads from recycled junk mail and other paper that would have ended up in the landfill. I made snowman Christmas ornaments, magnets, pins and earrings from the same material. I have made bowls and I am currently working on a pencil holder for my desk and heart magnets for Valentines day.

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I got into the bead biz first on eBay a few years ago. I began selling beads after a failed attempt at making hair barrettes from beads and safety pins. I sold off the rest of the beads that I had and found that the beads sold better than the finished products, so Beads Out West was born. I bought beads in lots and divided them up and sold them. I began attending the annual gem and mineral/jewelry/bead shows here in Tucson and bought things there for my shop. I left eBay after the last fee increase nearly two years ago and found Etsy shortly after. I started making things again around that time and decided to try to sell my finished work. It's been slow, but I am selling off Etsy at various shows. I have only done two so far, but have plans to do more in the next few months. The last show I did pretty well. I sold more in one day than on Etsy in a week.
I get inspiration mostly from reading bead magazines and craft books. Sometimes ideas come to me when I am browsing the beads at stores or shows. Bead Style is my favorite magazine. I check out craft books from our local library. I also like Tammy Powley's work.
The next craft that I want to do/try is candlemaking. I also want to try silversmithing,lampwork beads,leatherwork and wirework. Much ambition!
My next creation will be bottlecap necklaces. My daughter likes Hannah Montana, so I will be making her a couple of necklaces with Hannah's picture and will also sell them in my craft shop. I also want to make pendants and various jewelry from scrapbooking embellishments. I want to buy a wigjig and make earwires. I also want to find some cute lucite/plastic beads and pendants to make kitschy stuff.
I have so much ambition, but not enough money to do it all. So I guess I will take it one project at a time.
Thanks so much for learning about me. I hope you found it interesting and entertaining...LOL