Monday, December 31, 2007


Okay, here are some ideas that I am working on for this blog not in any particular order.

ideas for blog:

* interview/introduce myself

* select an item to feature
a. keychains
b. magnets
c. earrings
d. bracelets
e. paper stuff
f. stuff from BOW
* write about my gem show experiences

* write about my craft show experiences

* interview etsy sellers

* write about business frustrations/succeses

* business/etsy success tips (although mine isn't yet!) write about what I am doing

* photography in my experience

* write about a particular jewelry making componet/process
a. lucite
b. gemstones
c. handmade beads
d. metals
e. working with resin - making pendants

* write about other crafts
a. silversmithing
b. leatherworking
c. wirework
d. ceramics/pottery
e. candle making
f. soap making
g. knitting/sewing

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