Friday, April 24, 2009

Fabulous Friday Find!Trans-Canada Etsy Team Blog: Earth Day Preview : Eco-friendly Products and Upcycling Tutorial

Here is my fabulous Friday find! I found this awesome recycling idea on the
Trans-Canada Etsy Team Blog: Earth Day Preview : Eco-friendly Products and Upcycling Tutorial

Save your cereal boxes and other boxes to use for mailers. I am going to try this.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday Find!

While browsing on the Etsy forums this morning, I had the pleasure of encountering angeldamico who offers ONE OF A KIND hand screen printed, hand dyed, hand painted, unique items such as shirts, handbags, hankies, scarves and even prints of her artwork. I really like her handbags and that they are one of a kind. She is based out of Chicago which is close to my heart because I was born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Joliet. She's had her shop open since 2006 and it looks like she's doing well with 800 sales and great feedback. Go check out her stuff at:

Friday, April 10, 2009

3D Crystal Lacquer vs Art Deco Triple Thick Glaze

I am blogging this in response to a comment in my bottle cap sealing tutorial:

She-ality said...

Carol, awesome tutorial!! Can you share the differences you found between 3D Crystal Lacquer vs. the ArtDeco Triple Thick glaze? Do you get a good hard coat with either? Is one clearer? Are either prone to cracking or bubbling? I can't find these locally and wanted to ask an expert before ordering online. :)

April 2, 2009 9:09 PM

Thanks for the question, She-ality. First of all, I am far from being an expert, but I have used both and here are my observations:

I used Triple Thick when I first started making bottle caps(about 2 years ago). It is available at craft stores such as Micheal's. Our Micheal's always had the large 8oz jar locked in the cage with the spray paints. Dunno why because the small 2oz jars are usually next to the paints. Anyways, I love Triple Thick for the paper mache snowmen that I make around Christmastime. I don't like it for bottle caps anymore because it bubbles like crazy, which in turn drives me crazy because I have to waste another image. Sometimes it did play nice without bubbles but after the caps sat for awhile, they magically appeared. I have also found that it does not dry hard even after a week. I can poke my finger on it and it leaves prints. Not nice for bottle caps. Weird because it dries rock hard on my snowmen. I have also placed clear nail polish over Triple Thick once it dried, but it yellows after about a week and DO NOT recommend this step at all. I had no problems with cracking. It clouds if your layers are too thick.

Okay and on to 3D Crystal Lacquer. I stumbled upon this one day when I was browsing on Etsy. I am skeptical by nature so I was hesitant to buy it. I used Diamond Glaze after Triple Thick and had problems with bubbles again so I thought that all of it bubbles. I was even at the point where I was going to stop making caps because I had no hair left from pulling it out in frustration over those nasty bubbles. Well, let me tell you that I am glad I purchased it because it is like manna from heaven. Little to no bubbles, dries hard and has a very nice clear shine. It does make ink jet prints run or fade, so I use a high gloss spray (I am still experimenting with sprays, so can't recommend one yet) after printing and problem solved. I also had runny/fading pictures with Diamond Glaze and Triple Thick, so I guess that's the norm. I had no problems with fading or the runs with prints that I got from commercial printers, like Office Max. I don't go there as often anymore since I found the trick to conquer ink jet prints. They are also a little pricey at about a buck a sheet printed on card stock.
My only complaint about 3D Crystal Lacquer is that the tip of the bottle clogs after using and I have to buy it online. I can't use my 40% off coupon at Micheal's to buy it. :( LOL
I can glaze about 80-100 caps-maybe more or less, this is a guess-with a 4 oz bottle. It does come in a refill bottle, 20 oz I think.

Thanks again She-ality for the question and giving me something to blog about. I was just thinking last night about my next post.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

News that I used!

Thanks to all of you that participated in my poll. The lucky winner was "buy three items and get free shipping". Actually I was surprised because I would have chosen "buy three items, get one free and pay shipping". I am still contemplating a bonus for my shop, it will be along these lines. I think I'll wait until I have more items to choose from before offering a bonus-maybe like 20 more items, then I'll have about 70 things to pick from.