Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why Buy Handmade?

This is a very good article that another Etsy seller wrote(sorry, but I don't have the name!!)that was passed along to me on MySpace and I wanted to post it here on my blog. Check it out:

Why buy handmade?
Because once upon a time there were shoemakers who made shoes, and you bought then from the shoemaker... they lasted, and they were lovingly made... The bread was baked by a baker, who did what they loved doing, and you could taste it. It tasted like love, a nourished your body much better than the empty processed stuff of today. Because People still DO make things with love, and THEY ARE better! You can feel the love when you touch, taste, or feel, or see it!
Lets bring the humaneness back into our purchases, and buy from the makers again! Why give your money to corporations that farm out work to 3rd world countries at ridiculously low wages, exploiting the peoples, and feeding their greed. Know where your purchase was made, and by whom, and that they got a fair price for their wares, and so did you. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you are able to talk with the maker if something is wrong with it, or if you just want to say thanks for making such a great… whatever. Not only that but buying handmade you can usually work with the artist/artisan to get the perfect product, even if that means then creating one for you.
You also know that your input sways the next or newest product in however blatant or subtle ways. So you know that your needs and desires are creating the trends, not some corporate bigwig who probably doesn’t even use/wear/get your product.
When you purchase handmade you also feel special, knowing that you are giving your money to the peoples, instead of the corporations who have nothing to do with the creating/creative process, who’s main concern is making a profit. Not that us artisans don’t want to make a profit, but we are actually making these items you/we purchase.
So do something good for your soul, for your peace of mind, for quality over quantity, and buy handmade!
Support independent artisans and phooey to the corporate crap and sweat shops! (added by me)
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girliemomma said...

Thanks for letting people know that there are still people out there who put their heart and soul into something! And that yes, handmade is great!

SewInLove said...

Wow, that is great! TOO bad you don't know the writer... It is ALL so true though, all about WHO we USED to buy stuff from... people who made it with LOVE!!! Great blog by the way....
To do mine was a resolution too.... Here it is if you would like to look!

stampinjen said...

Well said!

Hand made is actually made with the heart!

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