Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My latest project...

I have made some Easter egg shaped magnets to sell at future shows....this is just a few of them.
Wow!!Another item in my line of recycled paper creations!
I started making things from shredded paper over the summer and I am trying to come up with new things. I had a huge pile of junk mail, reciepts, papers from both my school and my daughters and ran it all through my shredder and made a mushy pulp like clumpy clay stuff and started making things. I have made snowman ornaments, pins, magnets and earrings....beads...bowls molded from two liter soda bottles and plastic bowls...I made a pencil holder for my desk...now the easter eggs...I have also molded some flower forms and will make magnets out of those, too. Also working on hearts and cactus!! Additional pics can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/beadsoutwest/
I am proud that my junk paper isn't in the landfill. My mom shredded a bunch of her old checks and that batch of paper was part of the stuff that my biz card holder bowl was made from. Kewl!!

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CarDon said...

I just love your beads. The eggs are as sweet as your snowmen!