Friday, September 18, 2009

Fabulous Friday Recycled Find

Today's Fabulous Friday Recycled find is an Upcycled Capri Sun Wallet

How cool is this? My daughter drinks Capri Sun like there is no tomorrow and it never dawned on me that the pouches could be made into something else. I stumbled upon the creator of this wallet, You've Been Upcycled on Facebook and knew that I wanted to feature one of her creations for today's feature.

Here is what the seller had to say:
"I love this wallet - it's small & fits right into your pocket!

Has pockets for 2 cards & some cash, or 3 cards & some cash (depending on how much cash you have of course).

Would also fit business cards..."

Belts made from Capri Sun pouches are also available as well as bowls made from records and even a cuff bracelet also made from a record.


Annabelle said...

So cool! Love the wallet.


A said...

Thank you for featuring one of my etsy shop items on your blog! Wonderful :)

Midnight Creations said...

Hmmm, curious thought. We go through the capri sun pouches too, not tons - save them and sell them as a supply???

I just destashed a bunch of wine corks why not the pouches too. If your shop is dependent on this you may be looking for available pouches. With the wine corks I sold just enough to cover fees, packaging and little extra, both listings sold the day they were listed.

Think I might give it a try! thanks for the inspiration.

2 Virgos Designs said...

cool find!

Hyla said...


I got here from the Etsy forum blog thread!

Sarah said...

sweet. i love new uses for old stuff!

Giulia said...

Lovely, I usually make this using coffe-pouches.