Friday, September 11, 2009

Fabulous Friday Recycled Find

This week's Fabulous Friday Find is an adorable Scandinavian style dress and sunhat made with a recycled vintage tablecloth.

This can be found on Etsy in a lovely shop based out of Sweden, KajaDesign
Here is what the seller had to say about the dress:

"This is a dress from what I like to refer to as my "Table cloth collection". Vintage fabric, mostly from the 60's and 70's. Very retro and very eco friendly!

This one has some of our most beloved summer flowers, so I combined it with lavender blue lining and a matching seam binding.

The pattern is my own and has a very good fit, and is superpractical. Especially for small children, since you don't have to pull it over the head. Just slip it over the bottom and button it up over the shoulders. Perfect over a tee or a onesie!

This is a complete set with a sunhat. This model was very popular in the 50's here in Scandivia. It is tied under the cheek and has two holes, which was used to pull out the pony tails or pig tails through for older children."

I am always amazed at what I find when looking for recycled items. The possibilities are endless. This is one more item that will not be in a landfill for a very long time.


Alicia Istanbul said...

Wow, great job. That's very cute.

Kaja said...

Thanks for featuring me! I agree that recycling of old things really can reduce the garbage problem. And I think this particular dress actually is prettier as dress than it ever was as table cloth!

Kreativlink said...

So sweet!