Monday, September 14, 2009

DIY Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial

Here is another tutorial brought to you by me! Enjoy!

Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial

by Carol Bryce

Here is an easy inexpensive DIY project. These make great gifts and are good sellers at craft shows.

This is what you will need to do this project:

New or recycled bottle caps

A one inch circle collage of pictures of your choice

Photo paper or card stock

One inch circle punch


Glue stick-I use Aileene's Tacky Glue Stick

E-6000 or other strong holding glue

Glaze sealer-I use 3D Crystal Lacquer

Neodymium(rare earth) magnets size of your choice

All of the above

items are available to purchase on You can get Aileene's glue sticks, E-6000 glue and the circle punch at a craft store such as Michaels.

The collage sheets that I will use with this tutorial are

courtesy of Magpie Mine. She has a wonderful selection of collage sheets in various sizes for different projects.

Links to the collages that I am using: Retro 50's Designs and Birds, Squirrels n Swirls Collage Sheet

Now that you have all of your supplies, it's time to make your magnets! For this tutorial, I will make 4 magnets.

First you will need to print your collage. I would recommend printing on soft gloss photo paper(you can get it at Target) or use 90-110 lb white card stock(you can get it at any office supply store) if you are printing at home. You can also have your collages printed at any office supply store, however I do not recommend drug store or self service printing. It has been my experience that the colors fade with time with these printers. Set your printer for whatever size your collage is-most are 8x10- and print. If you have a collage of circles that happen to be 2”, you can set your printer to print at 5x7 instead of 8x10 to have the circles turn out to 1”. Select the circle you want to use and punch it out with your circle punch.

Next apply some of your glue stick on the back of the circle, a little heavier at the outer edges of the circle. Place the circle on the inside of a bottle cap and press down the circle with the end of the glue stick body. This will help it stick. Let the glue dry for about 15 mins.

The next step is to apply the glaze. This will seal the circle inside the bottle cap and give it a nice shine.

Place the tip of the bottle at the edge of the circle and go around the circle with gentle pressure, making sure the glaze goes between the circle and the sides of the bottle cap. Next fill in the rest of the circle going from side to side using gentle squeezing pressure on the bottle. Do not

apply the glaze in a circular motion as this creates air bubbles. If air bubbles do form, just pop the

m with the tip of the bottle or with a push pin or a toothpick. Let the glaze dry for at least 8 hours.

After the glaze is dry, just glue on your neodymium magnet to the back with E-6000 or other super glue.


Dotty said...

Too cute~

Angie said...

I love making these too! Check out my blog post to see the bottle caps I made.

Lydia said...

I love it!!! I just wanted to find earrings made with bottle caps, and i find more new ideas!!! That´s great. I promise to show you as soon as I try to make my first things!
We don´t make such great things but we also make craftworks. Hope you also enjoy it!

Lydia said...

By the way, I forgot to give you my blog name:

Boutique said...

hey there you've got some really neat stuff!

maybe you could share it on our website? maybe even sell a few?

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