Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, so here are my ten ramblings for today:

1. I will be offering advertising on my blog soon. I just need to figure out the details. Project Wonderful wasn't working for me.

2. I will also have my giveaway sometime soon, just too much going on right now to sit and plan it.

3. I am currently working on a large custom order which has been a lot of fun, yet challenging at the same time.

4. I am going to start making snowman ornaments soon. I have made them for the last couple of years from recycled paper-junk mail, school papers, receipts, etc. Those are fun to make too and it's less paper to end up in the landfills. Here's a link to some I sold last year: snowmen

5. BF is doing well after his transplant. Even got a new job. :)

6. As for me, still laid off but working two days a week instead of one. Broke as heck.

7. Can't wait for cooler weather. I don't recall sweating so much last summer. Hurry October! I never got around to inventing that seat cooler for my car. I think I need to invent a steering wheel cooler, too. LOL

8. Daughter started school Thursday. She likes the new school-so far...

9. My desk is looking pretty cluttered. Man I wish I had a craft room or my own house for that matter.

10. Hey, it may rain today. I just realized that it's cloudy outside. Woo hoo!


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I love the idea of a Ten Tuesday - might have to follow suit somehow on mine!


Anonymous said...

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