Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, so here are my ten random ramblings for today:

1. My daughter goes back to school Thursday. She seems excited as she will now be in middle school and finally going to a new school.

2. Is it just me or do they go back earlier every year? and why are they starting on a Thursday?

3. It's been so freaking hot in Tucson this summer, so ready for it to be over already. Hurry October!!!!!!

4. Last night at around 8:30ish it was still 94 degrees. At 3:30 this am it was 84 and really sticky. ugh.

5. I am working on new listings/photos for my shops on Etsy and on Artfire. I have decided to move my bottle cap creations to Artfire and close my other Etsy shop.

6. Is it just me or is Artfire starting to have an increase in traffic? My views have increased a lot in the last couple of months.

7. I had almost equal number of shop hits Sunday for Etsy and Artfire shops. That amazed me. I really think that things are going to take off soon and give Etsy a run for their money.

8. I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?

9. I have a couple of errands to run today and then off to work this afternoon. yay.

10. I am working two days a week now instead one. This has been the worst summer of my life. I have had my hours cut since the end of May. Struggling for money for everything. Ah well, I am comforted by the fact that I am not alone. I am sure there are others in the same boat.


ChezChani said...

I don't have kids but it is way WAY early for them to go back to school, and yes, nuts to start on a Thursday.

I live in Vegas where it is scary hot too. I drove to LA and when I was driving back Saturday night, about 10:30 the carmometer at one point said 104!

I don't do Artfire but might soon have to give it a go. Thanks for your input on that.

Oh yeah, one more thing...pancakes!!


Anonymous said...

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