Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Friday Recycled Find

There are a lot of great items that have been made from something that would have ended up in the trash. I have found most, if not all of them on Etsy. However, I recently discovered a great website(from the Etsy forums of course), Greenwala, which is a "green" social network. Here is a little blurb about them taken from the website: "Greenwala is a For Profit Philanthropic company focused on harnessing the power of a community to create opportunity for people to "Go Green" and improve their lives. We believe that every individual has the power to foster change and it is through that belief that we feel that the Greenwala community will be the destination for those wishing not to just Green their lives but to improve the lives of those around them."
Greenwala is currently running a few contests, one in particular that I love is a contest sponsored by HP which the entrants submit photos of things they have created from something that would have been thrown away. The person that gets the most votes for their creation will win an eco friendly laptop and printer. While it would be nice to win a new laptop as mine recently died and now renting one, I am not too lucky with contests but entered my recycled paper snowman ornaments anyways.
What I would like everyone to do that reads this is to vote not only for me but for at least 4 other entrants as well. It only takes a couple of seconds and you don't have to join the site to vote-that is as far as I know. All of the creations are fabulous and just think that stuff would have ended up in the trash. I love them all.

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MAB Jewelry said...

Your snowmen are wonderful! I voted. Good luck.