Saturday, January 3, 2009

I did it!!

I made a couple of scrabble tile pendants last night. They are a bit tedious, esp with cutting the image, but I think with a little practice, I should be okay with it. It doesn't help that my Exacto blade is dull and wouldn't cut butter on a hot day. My local Michaels was out of the size that I use. Figures. But I did find a pretty sheet of scrapbook paper to use and I found a pack of ABC tiles similar to scrabbles, 60 in a pack for 4 bucks. Not bad. I didn't have time to glue the bails on the back, probably will next week sometime, I have to go out of town for my job for a couple of days. I took a couple of pictures. I was particularly impressed with how the music paper ones turned out and the red rose one with the greenery on it. I think that one may be mine! I made that one with the tiles I got from Michaels. They are a little bigger than scrabbles.


Anonymous said...

Yay congratz and they look so pretty! I love your shop too! Have a great day!

knitsational said...

Those are really pretty!