Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another new project!

Well, unfortunatley the CNA class isn't working for me, so I dropped out. Yea, I know. BAK BAK! Chicken...

Anyways, I had a couple of dominoes that looked really lonely, so I decided to decorate them. I made three with some scrapbooking paper that I have. They turned out really cute, not tooting my own horn one bit. :) I am out of bails, so they are plain for now. I think these would make great magnets and maybe even keychains as well. I would have to decorate both sides of the domino though. We'll see.

I am still having problems with getting good pictues of my scrabble pendants. It's making me crazy. Anyone have any tips that they are willing to share? I thought that the picture on this post turned out well. The background is a brown paper bag. I tried it on the scrabbles, but didn't turn out too well. Ah well.

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