Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten for Tuesday

Yay! It's Tuesday, so here are my 10 random ramblings:

1. It's hard to type when you have the hiccups.

2. It's the only time I wouldn't get mad at my daughter for scaring me. :)

3. The Air National Guard is practicing or something today. Planes flying over the house are LOUD.

4. It's a good thing that I don't work graveyard shift, I would have a hard time sleeping with all the planes flying over today.

5. BF is doing great after his transplant. It's been two weeks since his surgery. Staples are supposed to come out Thursday. He's lost a lot of weight which I think was probably mostly fluid.

6. He said last night that we should get married. So was that a proposal or what?

7. TV goes all digital soon. Are you prepared? We aren't. No cable TV and old TV's leaves us in the dinosaur age.

8. I tried to use one of the so called government coupons back in October on the day it expired and stoopid Wally Mart wouldn't take it. Hello, it's not expired yet. Yep, I was po'ed. So yea, we have no converter boxes. Life is going to be boring until we get one.

9. Supposed to be nice day in the Old Pueblo today. "cool" for this time of year. Yay! No burnt buns today.

10. I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?

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Little Dickens Designs said...

This is quite entertaining! I think your BF needs to get down on one knee!