Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

So, I have been in a blogging slump lately, having some serious blogging blocks. I saw a tweet on Twitter today from "Mama Mauby" who blogged 10 things today and gave kudos to the person that started it. I thought that was a brilliant idea. So here's my 10.

1. I apologize for not updating in over two weeks.

2. I am happy that I now have a blogging idea.

3. It's going to be another hot day in the Old Pueblo. 100 degrees. Yea buddy, time to get out the oven mitts for the steering wheel of my car.

4. I think I should invent an air-conditioned seat for my car. My bf said yesterday that Chrysler makes Sebrings with heated seats, so why not an air-conditioned seat?

5. I wonder if the peeps from Chrysler have ever sat on a leather seat that's been baking in the Arizona sun? Esp with shorts on? Oh yea. Baked and burnt buns.

6. I love Arizona, but not in the summer. I hibernate in my house on my days off.

7. This blog needs a new banner and layout.

8. I have an addiction to buying collage sheets for my pendants. Hello, my name is Carol and I am an addict. I have a gazzilion of them hearted for future fixes.

9. I have 5 sheets drying after being sprayed with gloss, just waiting to be turned into pendants.

10. I better go fetch them from outside, the wind may be blowing them away...


MamaMauby said...

Oh yeah! I want AC seats....that would be awesome for not getting sweat lines in your clothes. :)

BrigaBauble said...

Ha ha. My dream is to eventually upgrade to a car with heated seats or, at the very least, to upgrade my car to heated seats. Perhaps a fabric-based seat cover while you perfect your AC-seat invention? Burnt buns are never pretty.


Audrey said...

We don't need A/C seats in Manitoba (Canada), though it does get to be 100 degrees here for a few days each summer. I'd be happy if each day was 70.

Cherry Tart Design said...

I had a Sebring convertible and even in the Midwest you could burn your buns on that leather!

My mom, oldest son and sister live in AZ and keep bugging me to move out there but it's just tooo darned hot! I don't care if it is a dry heat! LOL.

Blissful Blooms Paper said...

LOL...very cute blog! Heated Seats are a standard option in the cars where i live!!!!