Thursday, April 24, 2008

So, what do YOU use plastic grocery bags for???

I never gave it much thought until I read a tutorial on Etsy for fusing plastic bags.
I normally just use them to line my small trash cans. I have used them also for adding padding to shipping boxes.

Anyways, while looking through the tutorial, I was amazed that fused plastic could be used for things like wallets and handbags. Wow! A few hours later I had an epiphany...and thought I could make shipping envelopes from fused plastic grocry bags, so this am I got out a huge pile of bags, my iron, some scissors and a sheet of parchment paper and started cutting and ironing. It took me all morning, but I made 3 different sizes. Small ones, medium ones and sorta medium ones. They seem to be pretty darn sturdy, so I think I will try them out for my next shipment and see what happens.


BabyLyons said...

What a great idea!!!

Kilkennycat said...

Very cool! I've been wondering lately how people reuse them as well. Asking my mother the other day and we couldn't figure it out.

PoisonLake said...

nice! i'm going to have to try that.

Anonymous said...

I've never thought of that before!