Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cancer Sucks support necklace and other new projects

I haven't updated in a few weeks, so I thought it was time to share my latest projects.

I made a couple of necklaces in support of my mom who has cancer. I was inspired by the pins and buttons that the nurses wear at the cancer center that my mom goes to here in Tucson.

I also stumbled across some new images for my bottle caps by Jelene at Etsy. I think she made a banner for me in the past because her feedback was in my feedback on Etsy. :)

Her pop art is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time and knew that her images would be perfect for pony tail holders, ready to use bottle caps and necklaces. So I went to work as soon as the images came out of the printer and the photos show what I have come up with.

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OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Bottle cap Necklaces are adorable!! Have you had any feedback from the Moms of any kids who wear these? Wondering if the back of the cap scratches or anything? I, too, am a cancer survivor (2 1/2 yrs. closing in on 3!!!) Tell your Mom I am sending her good thoughts and Karma ~ And each day to have Strength, Courage and Hope! I'm sure U are a great support for her, as I know my kids(they were 25 & 27)to me! (Check out my site also! Survivor tags!(Use code "event" for 15% discount on any order)
Best Wishes to all of you! I will be checking out your great clearance sale on jewelry supplies today ~ Are you making jewelry anymore?