Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday Recycled Find

Today's Fabulous Friday Recycled Find is this colorful bracelet made by GoGoGirlz on Etsy and based out of College Station Texas.

This bracelet is made from soda and energy drink can tabs and even the flowers are made from aluminum cans. I have seen stuff made from cans before but this is by far the most colorful and interesting piece I've seen in awhile.
Here is what GoGoGirlz has to say about the item:

"This bright and colorful trashion fashion bracelet is made from recycled energy and soda drink can tabs.

The eco-friendly, 4-layered flower is made from pink, yellow and orange cans. The bottom flower is backed with foam for strength and comfort. The chain is made from can tabs woven together with flexible, colored wire. It measures approximately 8.25 inches and fastens with a lobster clasp. If you have a larger wrist, this is the bracelet for you! Custom sizes and colors can be created at your request. Convo us.

This unique, attention-getting bracelet will turn heads and get you wonderful compliments".

This bracelet is $15.00 with free shipping. Awesome deal for such a unique piece of art/jewelry.

Besides this awesome colorful bracelet, GoGoGirls also offers a selection of other interesting goodies made from recycled items such as book marks, earrings, hair clips, scrapbook embellishments and pendants. Also offered in the shop are beaded bracelets and other jewelry. (I love the cowgirl bling!)

This shop is on my favorites!


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Very cute recycled find! That is a really good idea for a feature !

Almost Precious said...

Incredible...hard to believe it's made from soda cans, etc. It's fabulous.

Erica said...

wow... that is really cool! what a great find!

Happy Banyan said...

That's incredible...I agree that it's hard to tell it comes from soda can! Great find!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Great post...that bracelet is very unique....

Walter said...

Thanks for posting about this bracelet. I love its color combination. My sister loves that kind of bracelet because it's trendy and fashionable. I'm planning to buy the same kind of bracelet and personalized silicone wristband to give her as birthday presents.