Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New projects

I haven't updated in awhile! Time is flying by anymore. I have been working on some new ideas for my pendant shop and I have new ideas for my bottle cap shop that I still need to start. Anyways, I found an old Rummikube game at one of our local Goodwill shops that had all of the pieces and all of the stands, not to mention very well priced...so I have been making collage sheets to fit the Rummikube pieces and have found some neat scrapbooking paper and stickers that work well on these. I also put together a few button stacks and will make them into pendants as well. I got the idea from a purchase of some stacked buttons on Etsy from kitsandcaboodles. I added a larger button to some of her stacks. I also got a huge bag of buttons at Michaels that had some interesting buttons in it. Most of these new pendants probably will not make it to Etsy, will be going to consignment instead. I am also planning on finding a couple of shows to do as well. Busy, busy!


LoveCreations24 said...

What adorable pendants!! I love them!

TresArtsy said...

LOVE the button creations! (OK, they're all beautiful!)

Thumperdd said...

Cute pendants! Great job!

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