Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New tutorial in the works and new stuff!

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am working on a new tutorial. This one will be how to create a circle collage using GIMP. This is a bit challenging for me, but I think it's coming along pretty well. It will be beneficial for those who have used GIMP or Paint Shop Pro already. I am no professional by any means, but I have made many collages using this method and feel comfortable enough to share with others. :)

I have made a few pendants for St Patrick's Day and have them all listed. I have some time off this week, so I will have some time to work on new stuff. Yay!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Project Wonderful

I "applied" to have a Project Wonderful spot on my blog for advertisers. I am still learning about it all as I go along. I think it's a pretty cool set-up. You can offer free spots or have an auction style "sale" for spots. I think I will offer free spots for now, maybe rotate them out every week-that is if I am accepted by PW. We'll see. They are supposed to e-mail me within 3-4 days to let me know.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grand Opening special! Free shipping!!

To celebrate the opening of Pendant Patch, all pendants are on Sale for $4.00!
Buy 3 and get free shipping. Shipping will be refunded!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

All about me!

I know I don't post a whole lot of stuff about me on my blog, my creations are more interesting than I am!!! Since I have a fair amount of followers now, I thought it would be kinda cool to interview/introduce myself. I have been thinking about interviewing other people as well, so if you want to have a spot in my blog, let me know! So, heeeeere's Carol! My picture was taken in 2004, so it's a little old. :) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

About me:
My name is Carol and I am originally from the Chicago suburbs-Joliet, IL. I moved to Tucson with my daughter and my family in 2000. I love the winters here, no snow to shovel! I have always had an interest in creating things. I can remember making wreaths and other wall decorations as a teenager. I also made macrame plant hangers that I learned how to make in Home Ec in junior high. A few years ago, I made hair barrettes from beads and safety pins, then jewelry, bottle cap stuff and now pendants. I enjoy cooking and baking as well. I am an evening shift supervisor at one of our local community colleges. We make pre-packaged food items for all campuses. It's fun and I like my job.
I got into the bead biz first on eBay about 6 years ago. I began selling beads after a failed attempt at making hair barrettes from beads and safety pins. I sold off the rest of the beads that I had and found that the beads sold better than the finished products, so Beads Out West was born. I bought beads in lots and divided them up and sold them. I began attending the annual gem and mineral/jewelry/bead shows here in Tucson and bought things there for my shop. I left eBay after the last fee increase nearly three years ago and found Etsy shortly after. I opened my supply shop on Etsy and about a year later, I started making things again-mainly earrings and bracelets and decided to try to sell my finished work. It was not very successful, so I tried a new craft with making things from bottle caps, it's going okay. I love making things with bottle caps. I finally sold off the rest of my beads and closed my bead shop in August 08. So, around Christmastime this year, I decided to try yet another craft, seriously trying to find my niche...I started to plan out a new shop, took a LOT of notes, wrote down a ton of ideas and Pendant Patch was born. I have only about 20 things listed so far, I am waiting for a shipment of bails to come in so I can list some more of my wooden tile pendants. Crossing my fingers that this is my niche!
My online presence:
Etsy: bottlecapsgalore.etsy.com and pendantpatch.etsy.com
blog: oldpuebloearringco.blogspot.com
Flickr photos: flickr.com/photos/beadsoutwest
Twitter: bottlecaps
My Space: myspace.com/cantinacarolina
ArtFire: artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&seller_id=10543
IMadeitMyself: madeitmyself.com/user/pendantpatch.aspx

Where do I get inspiration?
I get inspiration mostly from reading bead magazines and craft books. Sometimes ideas come to me when I am browsing the craft shops. Bead Style is my favorite magazine. I check out craft books from our local library. I also like Tammy Powley's work. Etsy sellers are also a great inspiration for me. If they can do it, so can I!!

The next craft I want to try:
I want to start making soap again. That is also a lot of fun.

What I am working on now:
My next creation will be more pendants! I have a bunch of graphics that I need to print and get busy!

I have so much ambition, but not enough money and time to do it all. So I guess I will take it one baby step at a time.

Thanks so much for learning about me. I hope you found it interesting and entertaining...LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My new Etsy shop Pendant Patch

Well, I am finally announcing the opening of my new shop on Etsy. I have spent a lot of time planning and doing some research and decided that having one concept in the shop is the best way to go. So, I opened up Pendant Patch and I am offering handmade pendants and chains. I will be offering pendants made from wood/scrabble tiles, bottle caps, dominoes and glass. I am editing listings as we speak to add a pic of my packaging. I am also going to add chains today to the shop. Come on over and check it out! Adding new stuff everyday.

I found my banner for Pendant Patch from a great seller on ArtFire- libertydoll- http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&seller_id=12192

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Few Craft Show Tips

I thought I would share with you all some of my tips for craft shows based on my experience. I have done a 'few' shows and learned some things along the way. Besides the obvious things like wearing sun screen, bringing bags, change, pens and paper, business cards, etc...

This may seem a bit off, but don't expect to make a lot of money. If the show is slow or people are just browsing, then it won't be a big disappointment if you don't make what you expected.

Plan your table display ahead of time. Match your tablecloth and displays, especially during holidays. It really looks nice.

Don't scramble to make things for the show at the last minute. Way too stressful.

Pack up your car with your stuff the night before the show. This saves a lot of time and stress the morning of the show.

Write down all of the inventory you plan to take to the show.

Write down what you sell.

Make sure everything is clearly priced. I find it frustrating when something I am interested in has no price and the seller is busy with someone else. Lost sale.

Bring a project to work on, if possible. People will take an interest.

Bring your own lunch and drinks. Food at shows tend to be pricey.

Bring a friend, spouse, an older child. Helps to have someone watch your table during bathroom breaks. My 11 year old daughter loves to come to shows with me and she is quite the sales lady.

Smile and have fun even if you aren't selling anything. If you looked pissed off, people will see and feel your vibes!